Founded in 2016 by New York native Marina Gluckman, 6BASE is a rotating artist’s studio and exhibition program in the South Bronx, New York. Artists are invited to use the space as their studio for a month and present their work in an exhibition following their stay. Occupying a floor of an industrial warehouse built in 1931, 6BASE is located in a loft that is divided into seven bays. 6BASE is in one of these bays (approximately 450 square feet) and the others are artist’s studios.

6BASE intends to provide a platform that gives artists, both local and international, the opportunity to realize and show their work. The studio and exhibition program seeks to create a supportive environment and open up the space to visiting artists, curators, writers, and musicians to share their work and participate in events, talks, and critiques. Its focus is on building a network of artists and engaging with the existing Bronx community of artists.