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Chris Bruffee: Sub-Reveries

Chris Bruffee: Sub-Reveries

May 18 - 19, 2019

Reception: Saturday, May 18, 5 - 8 PM (open 12 - 8 PM)

Concurrent with Ryan Frank: WOODSHOP

6BASE is pleased to present Chris Bruffee: Sub-Reveries. Featuring four new audiovisual works by New York-based artist and designer Chris Bruffee, this will mark the fourteenth and final presentation at 6BASE’s Bronx studio and exhibition space.

On view are Bruffee’s works from a series titled, Sub-Reveries. Each individual work––Arena, Clouds, Waves, and Wilderness––combines sound and visual components from alternative environments that have been collaged and looped together. The audio and photographs have been gathered and taken from the New York City subways, and imagined environments to form images in motion. Presented on screens with accompanying headphones, the works are encased in viewing boxes evoking the texture of subway stations that are mounted to the wall.

The New York City Subway is a world unto itself, with millions entering and exiting each day. Once inside, its imagery, textures, sounds, faces, tensions, all create a shared existence. But what we bring down into the tunnels with us is what makes each experience unique. It's a space that is always a state of in-between: between where we are and where we're going; between what we experience with our senses and create in our minds. Sitting amongst strangers, rumbling down the track, mixes with memories of childhood. A performer's song for tips blends with dreams of larger audiences. Sub-Reveries attempts to capture the almost trancelike state of shuttling below ground with our thoughts, and invites you inside other individual alternate subway realities.

Chris Bruffee is a designer and educator based in Brooklyn, New York, where he is from. He creates motion graphics at CAB Productions and teaches courses on motion graphics design at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn and The New School, New York. He performs music with his band, FutureType, and creates and curates short animated loops about current issues on the account @nowloops. Currently, Bruffee is working on a short animated film about dreams. He appreciates a quality map, old cassette tapes, and a strong pun game.

Above: Sub-Reveries: Wilderness, 2019 (still).

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